|D-Net Guides|

Here you can find out how to get the most from the tools and services at D-Net

|Audio Blocks|

We can add audio to our Content Blocks easily:

Find the Insert Audio button on the editor toolbar.

Enter the link to your sound.

See Advanced for more options.

You should post your music to D-Net / Stories / Music and tell us about your sound.

|The Editor|

D-Net Live gives us the ability to create and share HTML Content Blocks, without coding.
This is made possible by utilizing a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that is baked right into the site.

From the editor you can do things like

Create Tables

Some Text

A Table In A Table

12/17/22 12/28/22
Any Content Can Go Here Or Here
  This Is A MailTo Link

[table image]

a prompted AI Image

add anchors to your pages >click<

You have many other tools built into the editor but thats not all. 
Use Your CT to enhance your content block with D-AICA, D-Net's AI Content Assistant, who can help to brainstorm, visualize, and motivate throughout the creative proccess.